Azemad Eclipse Hockey Knee Pads - SENIOR sizing

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The AZEMAD ECLISPE knee pads deliver great comfort and safety to your knees. The ergonomics are designed to fit different anatomies, where the oval shaped geometry is meant to perform as extension of the knee itself, therefore offering a more natural feel to wear, while keeping all comfort, as well as frontal and natural protection.

Carefully chosen materials and featuring interior reinforcement, insure the ECLIPSE knee pads superior impact absorption, preventing unwanted injuries in the athletes knees. The gentle but highly durable outer fabric, insure any contact to the ground happens in a natural and smooth fashion, allowing for safe slide, preventing knee joints from blocking.

The choice of materials and glove characteristics were worked out in detail in numerous testing, for high performance matches to transmit a feeling of lightness in the player´s knees, even under the most stressful occasions.

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