Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Inline Hockey Skate

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The Bauer Vapor 2XR Pro Skates are the premier, low-volume skates on the roller hockey market today. Bauer used only their most advanced materials and technologies so that they fit better, feel more comfortable and explode with power through every stride. The flagship Carbon Curv Composite boot built with its anatomically-correct (asymmetrical) design delivers industry-leading support, stiffness and range of motion that traditionally built skates can't compete with. Also following the asymmetrical path is the all-new toe cap that creates better foot-to-skate connection and comfort. Based off of over 25,000 3D foot scans, Bauer created a lower profile toe cap that reduces internal space without sacrificing comfort, especially since it's now also lined with felt. The 2XR Pro also utilizes significantly thicker internal foams from heel to toe that creates step-in comfort like no other Bauer skate before. To top it off, the extra-plush comfort edge or collar padding helps to alleviate ankle abrasion that boots with this elite-level stiffness can cause. Following the same pattern, the Recoil Pro Tongue was built with an intricate design that finds the perfect balance of comfort and protection. It sits between the re-built one-piece facing system that creates better forward lean, increases durability and improves energy transfer too. Its eyelets are uniquely shaped so that they keep the skate laces all game long, not to mention they included a second set of (3) eyelets to experiment with different lacing patterns.
  • Model Number: 1056261
  • Heritage: Vapor 1XR / APX2R / APXR
  • Level of Play Guideline: Elite 
  • Skate Fit Guidelines: Low Volume - shallow heel pocket / narrow forefoot / low instep