Bladerunner Phoenix Flash Adjustable Roller Blade

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 Sizes: 12J-2, 2-6, 5-8 adjustable 

Phoenix is a value-driven adjustable skate for kids. Backed by Rollerblade technology, this Bladerunner skate fits well and performs at just the right level. The sleek, lightweight structure helps with lateral support and the lining provides effective cushioning. Adjustable sizing expands the skate four full sizes with a push-button and 72mm Bladerunner wheels/ABEC 3 bearings provide speed control; brake is standard. Phoenix is a quality kids’ skate at a budget price.
• VALUE SKATE FOR KIDS - Quality adjustable skate with cushioning and support for balance and control
• SUPPORTIVE LINER - Cushioned liner and tongue hold foot securely in place for all four sizes
• DURABLE INTEGRATED FRAME - Tough shell for lateral support and a sturdy frame with lower center of gravity for better control
• BLADERUNNER PERFORMANCE WHEELS - 72mm wheels and ABEC 3 bearings for better wear and moderate speed