Bont Pro Star Tracer - Roller/Derby Skate Package

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A quad derby skate designed to be light, responsive and heat mouldable. The thermoplastic in the heel allows you to mould your boot with a hairdryer to get a custom fit in under 10 minutes. This is especially good for skaters with skinny or wide ankles. 

The ProStar boot is made with microfibre and has replaceable rubber bumper toe protection, an adjustable (and replaceable) velcro top strap and a rear heel loop to put your laces through.

The Prodigy Derby skate offers a lightweight price point plate.

The base is a nylon and fibreglass composite with 20-degree action aluminium trucks and adjustable allen screw toe stops.

Features include;
  • Base: Fibreglass
  • Outer skin: Microfibre
  • Liner: Microfibre
  • Boot height: High
  • Heel raise: 6mm
  • Innersole: EVA with fabric 
  • Heat mouldable: Fully heat mouldable base utilising epoxy thermoset resin
  • Padding: Memory foam
  • Size options: 1 - 12.5
  • Fit options: Standard
  • Vegan: Yes

Plate specs;

  • Action: 20-degree truck angle
  • Base material: Nylon and fibreglass composite
  • Cushion Hardness: 88A standard urethane cushions
  • Kingpin: Steel
  • Kingpin Locknut: 9/16" socket for adjusting 
  • Trucks: Aluminium
  • Axles: 8mm 
  • Toe stop: Adjustable allen screw 

The FX1 wheel is made with premium high rebounding urethane, and a set of high precision 688 mini bearings round out the super-light Prostar package.

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