EDEA Spinner - Skate Tool

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Regular Edea Spinner: $58.00

Spinner is an off skate training device made of a simple nylon pad that simulates the movements and sensations of the athlete on the rink. It helps to improve posture, balance, orientation and agility.

It is very useful for warm-up exercises before training and competitions.

Practical and light, it can be carried everywhere.

To use on a hard, smooth and clean surfaces (except wood, to avoid marks on it) and in open or wide spaces for safety reasons.

Styles Available some limited stock.

E-SPINNER: $68.00

The new revolutionary E-spinner adds a new dimension to training as skaters can now also practice take offs thanks to its special design and the integrated elastic bands. The E-spinner is aimed at the serious skater who needs to practice both spins and jumps. As you use it, you will also improves posture, balance and agility while strengthening their body at the same time. Its made from nylon and it can simulate the movements and sensations of the athlete on ice. Two integrated bands allow take-off practice and prevent slipping. Use without jump bands to practice spins. The new E-spinner includes 6 new designs that take the skater to the next level!

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