Komplex Angel - Figure/Dance Skating Wheels - 63mm

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Komplex Angel - Professional Figure / Dance Wheels - 63mm

Double injection thermoplastic elastomer wheels, Komplex formula.
Hard thermoplastic shockproof hub.
Thermoplastic elastomer treads with high-quality polymers.
Medium profile.


  • 48D - For medium to slippery surfaces. | Colour: White/Green
    • Expressly designed for extra-slippery surfaces, incredible grip
    • Surface: Parquet, very slippery wood, slippery plastic rinks
  • 51D - For medium surfaces. | Colour: White/Salmon
    • Expressly designed for very slippery surfaces, excellent grip
    • Surface: Parquet, very slippery wood, concrete
  • 52D - For medium to tight surfaces. | Colour: White/Grey
    • Expressly designed for slippery surfaces, very good grip
    • Surface: Parquet, slippery wood
  • 56D - For tight surfaces. | Colour: White/Yellow
    • Expressly designed for medium surfaces, excellent grip
    • Surface: Wood, Cement

Diameter: 63 mm

Sold as a set of eight (8) wheels.

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