Mission Inhaler WM01 Inline Skates

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The Mission Inhaler WM01 Skates is the go-to option for ultimate featherlight performance, fit and comfort for a medium profile foot shape. With a Curv carbon fiber boot, carbon fiber outsole, Kryptonium chassis and Labeda Addiction wheels; the WM01 boasts explosive power at a fraction of the weight as the competition.
Construction | 3D-Lasted
Material | Curv Composite
Heatmoldable | Yes
Tongue | True Vented Tongue
Tendon Guard | Standard
Facing | Low Profile
Construction | One-Piece Kryptonium
Material | Superlight Aluminum
Model | Labeda Addiction
Recommend Surface | Sport Court, Smooth Concrete
Hardness | 74A
Construction | Triple-Durometer
Urethane | Standard
Hub Size | 608


The Curv Composite used in the boot is one of the best materials around due to the extra-stiff, incredibly lightweight and very heatmoldable properties it offers. This year, it also comes with strategic exhaust vents that work with the toe cap vents to create a cooling sensation during play while helping to reduce drying time after the game too. The toe cap boasts a new asymmetrical shape that creates a more connected feel between the foot and surface with its reduced internal volume. 

Inside the boot, the WM01 features a dual-zone Grip Fit Pro Liner that uses key materials in key locations that wick moisture while keeping feet comfortably locked into place. Mission also included anti-abrasion pads that help protect your investment while the Supple Edge Comfort Pads elevate comfort by preventing ankle irritation. 

Last but not least, the rigid composite outsole holds the super lightweight Kryptonium Hi-Lo chassis. With its unique construction and material composition, the chassis offers the same weight reduction properties as a magnesium chassis without compromising strength or durability. It holds the industry favorite Labeda Addiction wheels that are known for their speed, grip and durability, especially with the Hi-Lo Swiss Bearings sitting inside them.  

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