Roll-Line Wheels - Giotto 57mm - Artistic - Various Durometers - Set of 8

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Roll-Line Giotto Wheels 57mm - 8 wheels in a box

Hardness: 47D, 49D, 53D, 57D, 60D

Profile: Small Profile  Diámeter: 57mm

Compound: Injection Series Mono Compound Formula

Extra Soft for Extreme Slippery Surfaces

The special features of this wheel include its profile and its finish. The narrower profile and the smooth surface guarantee greater manoeuvrability and easy skating. Available in five varieties of hardness, 47 – Blue (extra soft) for extreme slippery surfaces 49 – Grey (soft) for slippery surfaces 53 – Cream (medium) for fairly slippery surfaces 57 – Yellow (medium/hard) for regular surfaces 60 – White (hard) – for rough surfaces

Roll line wheels come as a complete pack of 8 wheels