Azemad Eclipse Hockey Knee Pads - JUNIOR sizing

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The AZEMAD Mini Hockey Eclipse knee pads are the professional model adaptation for younger players. Designed with younger athletes in mind, these knee pads seek to include the ECLIPSE´ key characteristics, but adjusted to early stages and their unique developing necessities, offering them all the adequate requirements for a safe and comfortable learning experience.

Carefully chosen materials and interior reinforcement, insure the ECLIPSE knee pads superior impact absorption, so preventing unwanted injuries in the athletes knees. The main difference to the professional models, is the interior foam´s density as the impact intensity in younger players is very inferior, not requiring such thicker and heavier foam units, like so it´s adjusted to children. The gentle but highly durable outer fabric, insures that any contact with the ground happens in a natural and smooth way, allowing for safe sliding, preventing knee joints from blocking.

The choice of materials and glove characteristics were worked out in detail in numerous testing, for high performance matches to transmit a feeling of lightness in the player´s knees, even under the most stressful occasions.

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